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Web Design Price List
Effective 01/01/05

As the web has become more complex, so has pricing for services. We're finding it more and more difficult to put an exact price on general services. We always suggest a discussion about your needs, an agreement is reached, everything is put into writing and  you have a concrete price. Below gives you a basic idea as to where to start. However, these prices are subject to adjustment depending on the amount of work involved. The "price per page" is a good place to start as is the "hosting and maintenance" pricing. After that, we discuss each an every specialty that you may require. Usually, you are surprised that the price is a lot lower than you think. Give a call and don't jump to conclusions based on what you read below.

Base Price Per Page*

$195.00 each

  • Includes up to 150 words, 1 scanned photo and creation of Meta Tags
    Text over 150 words per page

    $60 per 100 words

    Update of established page

    $70.00-$195.00 per page

    Photographic Services


  • Digital Corrections
  • Per Hour Rate

  •  On-Site Digital Photography/Videography
  • Per Hour Rate
    + Expenses
    [4 hr minimum charge]

    Word Art Creation

    $15.00 each

    Custom Graphics and/or Custom Animated Graphics

    Billed by McKamey Media

    Web Store/Online Merchant  
  • PayPal Buttons
  • $25-$50 each

    InterNic Registration and Domain Name fees

    $100.00/2 Year Registration & Renewals

    On Site Charge

    + Expenses

    Hosting, Monitoring, Management and Maintenance Services

    $75/mo and up +
    $50 one time set up fee



    Hosting, Monitoring, Maintenance & Management fee includes placement of the web page or site on a fast and reliable server with redundant internet connections.
    • Special projects, consultations, or promotions are billed at $175 per hour.
    • Streaming Video creation is billed at $175 per hour.
    • A major update or modification is considered a new page.
    • Cost of pages with cgi or other custom scripts will carry additional charges. 
    • Banners are $100 plus $50 for each image. 
    • Additional POP3 email accounts: $20 set up fee 
    • Additional email Alias forwarders: $20 set up fee 
    • Additional Domain Name pointing to your primary one:  $20 setup
    • Screen Savers/Composite Videos are $500 for up to 8 images. Additional images are $50 each. 
    • Onsite photography, design research, and special project fees are $1100 per day. 

    * PLEASE NOTE:  The hosting and design costs do not include InterNic domain name fees -- $100 for two year registrations and renewals.  All rates and packages are for websites using up to 1 GIG of transfer per month.  Each additional GIG is $25 per month or $300 annually. 

    * A page is defined as 1024 pixels wide by approximately three screens in length as viewed on a 17 inch monitor. This is about the size of an normal piece of paper. All pages are tested for compatibility with current versions of Moazilla Firfox, old versions of Netscape Navigator, Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Compatibility cannot be guaranteed with all older versions of Netscape Navigator.

    At the present time, our per hour rate is $175.00. All parties must confirm each per hour function in writing.

    All pages will contain the following: "Web Design Copyright © by WOWIE Web Design" with a link to the WOWIE Web Design site. Copyright notices cannot be removed or changed without express written consent. Typeface will be small enough as not to detract from the web page. Any graphics created by McKamey Media will also carry their copyright notice.

    A 50% deposit is required upon proposal acceptance. Balance due upon completion. Web hosting and maintenance services are billed, in advance, per 12 month period and are non-refundable.

    What Can We Do For You?

    The internet has become the most efficient and cost effective medium in which to market your business, your product or yourself. Changes can be made in real time to reflect current specials or changes in your business. Outsourcing to a printer for mass mailing may no longer be necessary. We pride ourselves in being able to address your needs quickly and to incorporate these new ideas into your web site.

    We're here to design your personal website, your new bed and breakfast, your luxurious Caribbean resort or your next trip into outer space. If you would just like to transfer your current business brochure to the web or would like to create an entirely new presence from scratch, we're here to help. We are also here to advise you that it is not necessarily what you see in your site that attracts the search engines, but what you don't see. We'll be more than happy to explain our online philosophy to you

    We are not a big corporation with dozens of employees. We are a small business who understand how important a one-on-one relationship can be.