NJ Hall of Fame Inductions May 2010
4 of the 14 Inductees


Pardon the shaky beginning of the first video. I wasn't quite ready yet.

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Introduction by Buzz Aldrin


Wally Schirra Induction by space tourist Dr. Greg Olsen and Mark Larson

Radio Interview between Mark Larson and Tracy Kornfeld about NJHOF Event
recorded live on Mark's radio show on May 4th.
15 minute MP3 file - please excuse the static at the end when the discussion ends.


Danny DeVito Induction by Bruce Springsteen


Danny DeVito Comments


Bruce Springsteen Concert with Danny DeVito


Jack Nicholson Induction by Yogi Berra & Joe Pesci


Jack Nicholson Comments


Frankie Valli Induction and Comments


Jersey Boys Musical Closing
[watch for the very end for Buzz Aldrin dancing with Susan Sarandon
which was conspired by Mark Larson. If you watch closely, you can
see Mark whispering the idea into the ear of Buzz Aldrin. Good use
of his Dancing with the Stars contestant status. Oh, and he walked on the moon, too]

The Newark Star-Ledger Article